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BEFORE: Miss Eva in the shelter.

Home Page - Miss Eva 1
AFTER: Miss Eva in her FLR foster home.

Home Page - Miss Eva 2

February Message from Our Executive Director

Happy February 1!

We’re now in the second month of our second calendar year of intakes, and we could not be more pleased. As we look back at 2019, there is clear evidence that we are “doing things right” from the animals’ perspective, a business perspective, as well as a non-profit perspective. We are spending most of your donations on animal-related projects and caring for the animals we intake. In the second half of 2019, we spent 91.6% of your donated monies and goods on the animals. I’ve just got to pause and say, “How great is that?!?!?!?” 😊 For more details on how we’ve spent the money in 2019, please jump on over to our webpage Where the Money Goes.

Our Board of Directors has been discussing specific plans and goals for this year. We have identified a few, select opportunities that will help us “stretch” (carefully) as an organization in 2020. We would like to extend our reach a bit this year ... and we’ll look forward to sharing those plans with you on our Facebook page as we begin to implement them. What do the words “stretch” and “reach” mean? You’ll have to wait and find out! 😊 I would like to add that if any of you (our Facebook followers, our volunteers, and our fosters) have ideas about special projects or programs near and dear to your hearts, please contact our Administrative Director at administrative-director@fierceloverescue.org. We’d love to hear from you and we will consider each suggestion.

Our Volunteer of the Month is Melissa Cooley (please take a peek at her bio in the column on the right). Melissa is such an important part of our weekly activities, checking adoption applications and fostering our animals. Thank you, Melissa, for devoting your precious time and effort to our cause. We so appreciate you!

Our Miss Eva has two pictures above this message. One is a picture of her in the shelter when she just “shut down” after being dropped off. The second is of her at her foster home with her foster family. What a transformation! Eva’s case illustrates so well how important foster families are in the lives of traumatized animals. Eva is such a loving girl, and has come such a long way in a short time. It warms our hearts to think that Eva now has the ability to grow and flourish in a forever home. What else could we hope for?

We also want to highlight our two 6 month old kittens, Orzo and Ziti. They are absolute lovebugs, and they are searching for the “furever” home. They are completely up to date on all vaccines and preventives - and what is even more special is that their joint adoption fee is completely sponsored!!! We are over the moon, and we are so, incredibly thankful to our supporter, Mrs. Davis, for sponsoring their adoption fee in full. Now, we just need to find these lovebugs their forever family. 😊

Peaches, our Mama dog of our second litter of puppies in 2019 will start her heartworm treatment on Monday. After her treatment program, assuming she is cleared of heartworms, she will be (oh so) ready to find her forever home.

Additionally, we have just been awarded the Silver seal from Guidestar. You can see our silver seal at the bottom of each webpage.

We hope you have an amazing month! And have a Happy Valentines Day! My husband and I are celebrating February by welcoming a new rescue calf to our herd here on the farm!

Jennifer Yanavitch

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